black Miata = boner alert


JS Auto Studios Custom Miata looks like a mini Viper GTS



I love everything about this Miata.

Flared black Miata done right!



Miata Love.

Photo By: Vien Photography

I like the side skirts, seen way too many feed style ones.


My Miata. Photo by me.

how much more black could this be? 

Classy MX-5


Stanced ER34 - love the bodywork and detail on this one:


Initial D.

LOL @S2000 in the original tags. I’d say that’s an Eunos Roadster NB ;)

If this is the Mazda MX-5 ND than Mazda has a zoomzoom winner!

Wow, that’s a Fairlady I’d like to own. I have a thing for flared 240Z with headlight covers.

3 years of restoration work and he sold it for 20k:


Superb Miata picture by Connor Croak


Wicked lil mx5

Somebody in Ireland please pick this up for 5k before I look up how much it would actually cost to get it over here.