This looks like a render, but it’s a real life Levin


black Miata = boner alert


JS Auto Studios Custom Miata looks like a mini Viper GTS

The Tumblr Pro eye, such a powerful image




I love everything about this Miata.

Flared black Miata done right!



I’m pretty sure this is a Mosin with an updated stock and obviously a modern optic. If it is a Mosin, that is an awesome way to build one.

Appears to be a durcoated Mosin Nagant M44 with an ATI Monte Carlo Stock, a bipod and a bent bolt handle.

Emmure guitarist Mike Mulhollands second LACS Ibanez RGR with a maple fretboard looks tasty as fuck.

(Source: Flickr / schwegweb)

A beautiful 79 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst

I couldn’t resist the beauty of this rare 81 Gibson Les Paul Custom in Harvest Gold Burst. Only 50 of these were supposably made, most of them were sent back to the factory since the finish came off way too quick.

It plays like a dream and is goddamn heavy.

A 1989 RG550 refinished in Road Flare Red
God I love this color, I should finish my silverburst first and get a decent RG550 or RG1550BK and refinish it.



Miata Love.

Photo By: Vien Photography

I like the side skirts, seen way too many feed style ones.

Devin Townsend performs ‘Kingdom’ for EMGtv

This guy is freaking genious and comedian using backingtracks.


My Miata. Photo by me.

how much more black could this be? 

Classy MX-5